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At Donna Dougherty Law P.C. in Manassas, we devote all our professional energies to helping people overcome complex, stressful challenges involving their family relationships and futures. Our lawyers are attentive listeners and clear, informed communicators who will recognize the pivotal importance of your concerns and strive relentlessly for favorable outcomes.

We have a broad-ranging family law practice covering the full spectrum of issues that arise for traditional married couples facing separation, unmarried parents and those who must confront family disputes after or outside of divorce. We emphasize in-depth analysis of unique family dynamics and pursuit of strategic, creative solutions in matters of:

  • Divorce. We guide men and women through all steps associated with no-fault and contested divorce cases, whether resolution requires adept negotiation, mediation or litigation in court.
  • Custody and visitation. Our legal team is committed to resolving disputes over care and parenting time in ways that protect children's best interests and parents' most important relationships.
  • Child support. We provide comprehensive guidance on the laws and obligations associated with child support in Virginia, helping our clients plan for life after divorce and resolve conflicts.
  • Property distribution and spousal support. Our attorneys are extremely sensitive to the economic pressures of marital breakups, and we advocate skillfully for just orders governing these vital financial concerns.
  • Family-related issues faced by unmarried and same-sex couples. We have a balanced, progressive practice and provide constructive guidance on issues such as property contracts, parental rights involving adopted children, medical decision-making and more.
  • Modifying custody, visitation and support. When a material change in circumstances justifies modification of a court order — or our client must defend against such a modification — we offer focused, efficient representation.
  • Enforcement of court orders. When parties fail to comply with child support, property distribution and other orders, we take decisive action for our clients.
  • Wills and trusts. We draft, review and amend essential estate planning documents to help our clients protect their family members and attain peace of mind as they go through other life-altering changes.

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