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Three things to address holiday parenting time disputes

If you are a single parent, or if you have been recently separated from your ex, dealing with parenting time issues can be emotionally taxing. It may be especially difficult to deal with an intractable parent during holiday weeks. With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be facing another difficult situation. However, there are ways to address the problem.

What can I do about parenting time disputes during the holidays?

It may be hard to believe given the weather, but Thanksgiving is next week (even though it feels like January). At this time of year, divorced and separated parents may have difficult decisions to make regarding time with their children. After all, the holidays is a time for family; but when parents break up, one parent may feel as if their family takes precedence over the other person’s family.

It is worth spending on kids during the holidays

Officially, the holiday season is still weeks away; but you may not realize it with some shopping malls and stores putting up decorations and lights even before Thanksgiving. But the reality is, Black Friday will come and shopping for Christmas will be here before you know it. For divorced and separated parents, this time of year can be difficult; especially for those who are paying child support.

How to go through a divorce without losing your mind

If you are considering divorce, you may think that it is going to be a nightmare. And with the holiday season coming up, you may feel like you don't want to deal with all the questions from family, the awkward exchanges with your soon-to-be ex, and the depressing feeling that comes with feeling like a failure.

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