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How to get through tax claims before and after divorce

On Wednesday, the federal income tax filing deadline came and went. If you were one of the millions of people who waited to the last minute to file, you are certainly not alone. There are scores of others who have not filed yet, either because they are still assembling information to complete their returns, or have had an extension approved by the IRS.

Why you should be careful with social media in custody disputes

Custody and parenting time disputes are notoriously difficult. The emotions that come out may manifest themselves in bitter arguments and rages between parents. But more importantly, the battles between parents can be waged over social media for everyone to see (even the children). Because of this, it is imperative for parents in these battles to take some time to think about the implications of working each other over on social media.

What unmarried fathers can do to get parenting time

If you are an unmarried father to a young child (or even an infant) it may be particularly frustrating to be kept from seeing your child by an angry or vindictive mother. After all, you are not running from your responsibilities, you are working and doing the best you can to provide, and you are listed on the child's birth certificate as the biological father. Yet you are essentially subjected to being a glorified babysitter.

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