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Enforcing Prince William County child support orders

In the event that your child's other parent begins to disregard the terms of your court-established child support order, it is important to address such issues promptly and effectively. After all, your child support order is intended to account for the best interests of your son or daughter, and should be followed at all times. We here at Donna Dougherty Law, P.C., are well acquainted with the many child support enforcement techniques that are available to Virginia families, and are committed to educating our clients about their legal options in such cases.

Controversial child custody ruling sparks national outrage

In each divorce case heard in every family law courtroom across the state of Virginia and the entire country, all child custody decisions are intended to account for the best interests of the children involved. Consequently, the judges who are typically responsible for establishing child custody arrangements not only weigh the wishes and concerns of each parent but also often consider the wishes of the children. That was not the case in one courtroom recently, and the actions of the presiding judge have led to public concerns and criticism.

What is the difference between marital and non-marital property?

While no two marriages or divorces are the same, property division proceedings are often one of the most complicated and difficult parts of the process for people. Depending on the length of the marriage, as well as the couple’s financial portfolio, accurately identifying and valuating marital assets can be rather complex. Beyond that, many people have a difficult time recognizing the type of assets that are considered non-marital property in divorce. Provided below is a brief explanation of what can qualify as marital and non-marital assets in property division.

Supreme Court ruling solidifies marriage equality

Despite the fact that the state of Virginia legalized same-sex marriage in October of last year, a huge number of married couples continued to be treated unfairly under the law. That is why we here at Donna Dougherty Law, P.C., specialize in family law and how it is applied to cases involving same-sex couples and divorce proceedings. Now, our clients and same-sex couples across the country can benefit from equal access to vital legal protections and rights as the result of a recent Supreme Court ruling.

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