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Why do I need a QDRO?

If you are one of the many Virginia residents who is or will be getting divorced, you should get the facts about the Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This legal order can be very beneficial to you during and after your divorce and help you avoid unnecessary taxation on divorce-related financial transactions.

Views of same-sex couples more positive

Gay or lesbian residents in Virginia have experienced a wide range of changes in the past year as the U.S. Supreme Court legalized marriage on a national basis. While that was a big step toward marital equality for same-sex couples, how does that correspond to the country’s general view on same-sex marriage? A new study takes a look at how this has shifted since the early part of this century.

Tips for positive co-parenting

If you are a divorced parent in Virginia, you may have experienced challenges when working with your former husband or wife regarding child-related issues. This can happen no matter how long you have been divorced. If you are in the midst of a divorce, you may well be facing struggles about day-to-day parenting topics as well as your larger child custody arrangement. How can you make these situations more bearable and more positive for you and your children?

Updating estate plans after a divorce

If you are getting a divorce or have recently gotten divorced in Virginia, you understand how challenging the experience may be. As much as you may wish to take a breather from making major decisions once you finalize your divorce, there are other things you should attend to. These involve your long-term estate planning wishes.

What can a QDRO do for you?

If you are your spouse are getting divorced and believe that you may be splitting retirement assets as part of your property division settlement, you should learn about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Depending on what type of retirement accounts you have, a QDRO may be essential for you in helping you to avoid unnecessary taxes or penalties.

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